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Custom Cable Orders

Custom Cables & OEM Cables

Looking for tailored cable solutions? Our custom cable service caters to both small and large-scale cable requirements, ensuring your specific needs are perfectly met.

Lead Time & Minimum Orders

Custom cables require a lead time of 4 to 14 weeks. We ensure that each custom order receives the attention it deserves to meet your exact specifications.

The minimum order varies depending on the cost and length of the custom cable or adapter. Typically, the minimum order quantity is 100 units.

Custom Order Specifications

Cables needing special connectors or specific color coding are considered custom orders. While a technical drawing is not required, providing one can significantly speed up the process. If you don't have a drawing, don't worry! We can assist in creating one for you.

Please keep the lead time in mind when ordering for specific applications. Your satisfaction and meeting your precise needs are our top priorities.

Ready to discuss your custom cable needs? Contact us today sales@pccables.com, and let's craft the perfect solution together!